Please seek a professional for any real advice. Almost everyone has a “Must Have” list when looking for a new home. As you’re out looking at houses, keep your list handy. describes why it's smart for prospective buyers to work with a lender from the very beginning: , describes what the ideal pre-approval process looks like: Before deciding what you want and need in your, , explains how buyers can compare the implications of the choice between a turn-key, weighs in on the question of how much capital and time is realistic to invest in a, Knowing what you want may sound like the easiest task of them all, but this can be difficult to decide, especially if you are buying a, Here are a few questions that you can asks yourself to nail down your must-have for you, And underlying all of these important questions: do your wants match your, If you know what you want ahead of time, the process of buying a, recommends the whole family participate in this part of the. Shawn Breyer, Owner of Breyer Home Buyers, describes what buyers can do to maximize efficiency and success within the realtor-client relationship in a fast paced market: You should be find properties online and then do a drive-by as soon as possible before reaching out to your realtor. Something you can use to evaluate each house and make sure you are seeing it with your reality lenses instead of the rose-colored ones we usually see the “must-have… Senior Loan Officer Amy Tierce describes why it's smart for prospective buyers to work with a lender from the very beginning: Speak with a competent mortgage lender if the borrower is not looking to purchase for as long as a year out. Here, six things to keep in mind as you’re house hunting. This new house checklist covers everything. This checklist is a one page printable that you can take with you when you go through any house. What’s the difference? House Hunting? The ability to pay for those renovations could come from the savings in down payment along with the savings over time of having a lower monthly mortgage payment. Needs change and although these things would still be on my priority list I do have other things I would look for today. One of the best ways is to create a house hunting wish list for yourself before you begin the process. Many house hunting apps and websites like Zillow and Trulia allow anyone to post a listing for free, which means some of the properties might have outdated or unreliable information. Senior Loan Officer Kim Hankins advises prospective homebuyers on specific ways to protect and improve their credit score: Treat your credit score like your adult GPA, and be organized and conservative with your finances — that’s all a lender could ever dream. To help answer these questions we have created a House Hunting Checklist for you to bring when shopping for the perfect home. 1. House Hunting Checklist. Sections. When houses are "flying off the shelf," it's a good sign values will be stable or even appreciate. Soak in the Bathroom. 2. Many first-time buyers don't have the time or energy to endure a renovation and will pay up for modern conveniences in a new development. Your list of needs should only include things that would be hard or impossible to change (the location, the lot, the size of the home, etc.). Similarly, regardless of sales comps, if houses are sitting on the market and not moving, it's a sign prices are on the way down from those list prices. There are also several loan types, so it is important to find the one that best fits your individual situation. You will weed out properties much quicker with this approach while respecting your realtor's time by not making them meet you at houses that you instantly realize you don't want to buy when you pull up. In addition, renovating to your taste level or specifications is not always what someone else will want, so I caution first-time buyers doing a renovation not to "over-renovate" and to keep things simple. If you are buying the house with someone, make sure you communicate with each other your deal breakers. Realtor Tracey Hampson recommends the whole family participate in this part of the house hunting process: I always recommend doing a want list and a need list with the whole family. A house hunting checklist is checklist for buying a house that you can use when you are looking at houses for the first time before you buy them.